How Important is your Mattress?

“You were probably conceived on one and you’ll probably die on one. You spend nearly 3,000 hours a year sleeping in one. It’s where you spend the most time with your partner, and where you first bond with your children. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured by them each year.
In short, there aren’t many things in your home more important than your bed. Which makes it all the stranger that most of us give them so little thought.
For many, a mattress comes a long way down the list of domestic priorities. But it has been estimated that a quarter of the British population suffers from sleep disruption, and often a bad mattress is at the root of this problem. The wrong sort of sleep can also cause cricked necks and bad backs – not to mention domestic tension. “
Quote from The Telegraph. Full article

It’s all very well companies saying Rest Assured our mattress will give you a Silentnight in Slumberland having Dreams and Sleepeezee all night. But can you adjust these mattresses?

Until now the type of mattress to give you this perfect nights sleep has not been available in Europe at an affordable cost for the home. With 37 years experience and a 30 year limited warranty, Pearl Mattress is the only adjustable mattress that you can adjust to you and your partners sleep requirements. When you look at the long term cost of this mattress it will be cheaper than a budget mattress and your health will be much improved.

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