Would you buy a mattress online?

If you are someone who is worried about buying online and an important item like a mattress should according to all the advise given by the forums you read, be bought after a good 20 minutes of trying it in the shop.
But then you read that you should give a mattress 4-6 weeks to get the feel of it, don’t give up after a couple of bad nights as your body will take time to adjust to the new mattress after your old worn out one. So is 20 minutes in a shop a true measure, I think not.
We are advised always go for the biggest mattress your bedroom can take as we don’t want to be disturbed by our partner rolling into us or lashing out in their sleep. So if you have room for a super King size, think about how you will get it into the bedroom. Will it fit up the stairs, around the corner and through the door without folding it in half? Plus a super king size is a very heavy mattress and will need a couple of very strong guys to move it. While on the subject of heavy, if it needs turning will you get a couple of strong guys in every time?

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So why not look at this option that covers all the above.
Digital adjustable mattress, your side your choice. It will never be too firm or too soft.
A super king size mattress comes in two boxes. So no problem getting in to the bedroom and it’s not heavy.
Because it’s adjustable and does not have springs to wear and set in position, no need to turn the mattress.
On top of all that, the mattress comes with a 20 year warranty.

Now the hard part, the budget. First take into account the 20 year warranty so spread the cost over 20 years not 10 years or 5 years for the cheaper mattresses. Second there is your choice of finish. Plain top, Pillow top, Box top, super soft luxury top or organic natural cover.

For a safe online mattress purchase. Orthopedic and Luxury Mattresses