The long and short of owning an adjustable mattress

Having a bad back a friend from the States recommended an adjustable air mattress.

So then I went in search on the Net. I found plenty available in the States but only one company in Europe.  Pearl Mattress Ltd.

We talked about the different models and went for the top of the range Super King Size Pearl Essence as we hope it’s the last mattress we will need. Pearl told us with care we will get 20-30 years and this will take my wife and I into our late 70’s early 80’s.

Being 6’.2” and my wife 5’.2”, me being twice her weight we could never agree on the firmness of a mattress when shopping. If we stayed in a Hotel with a firm mattress I’d love it and she’d hate it and if soft she’d love it and I’d hate it. So dual adjustable sleep was the answer to our dreams.

We were told 4-6 weeks delivery and it arrived in 4 weeks in 2 boxes. I opted to build it myself. I carried one box upstairs then the 2nd I rolled upstairs as it was a little heavier. After watching the assembly video I had it set up in 30 mins.

Because my wife is a side sleeper we were told she should try a softer setting and me a back sleeper a firmer setting. Within a week we were both getting the best ever nights sleep. No more rolling together, no more waking with a bad back and my wife’s Hip so much better she doesn’t have to visit the Chiropractor every month.

We have a large garden, so weekends are busy bent over doing whatever the season demands and now we can adjust the mattress to suit how our back feels. I know a memory foam will do the same to a degree but my wife gets the hot flushes at night and when we have slept a memory foam in a Hotel it was too hot for her.

I once strained a muscle in my back at a friend’s house and that night tried to sleep there on a memory foam mattress. I couldn’t get comfortable. The next night I was back in my bed, let the air pressure down from my normal setting until my middle back was supported, the next night let the pressure down a little less from my normal setting and the 3rd night I was back to my normal setting.


Best mattress we’ve ever bought and we’ve had a few.

Carried a Super King Mattress upstairs by my self, we can adjust each side when we need to, 20 years warranty and bought it on the Net with no worries of it being too soft or too firm.


From S&J very happy customers.