Christmas doesn’t have to be a pain.

Last week before Christmas and here we are rushing about trying to get all those jobs done at work before the shut down, get the last minute presents and then we’ll need to get the house clean ready for the family coming. Wrapping presents in front of the fire sounds like a good idea but not good for the posture. Stress, muscle fatigue and back pain will be something we have to be careful not to fall foul of. Talking of fowl, there’s that giant bird to get in and out of the oven on the day. Will you be playing with the kids or grand children on the floor? After all that you’ll want to flop in the arm chair, not the best position for your back muscles.


Here are a few tips to make sure Christmas isn’t a pain.


1)      Rather than carrying heavy bags of bottles,Turkeyand veg, do the Christmas shop online and they will deliver direct to your kitchen. This will save standing in line to pay as well. If you must go and shop, keep the load even and split the weight on each side to stop your back from twisting. Remember to bend your knees when picking up your bags.

2)      Wrap the presents on a table, you either stand or sit up in a good posture. Varying between sitting and standing would be even better. Wrapping gifts on the floor will put a huge strain on your back.

3)      Prepping the veg at the sink which sometimes is a little low, this can cause your back to round, adding strain to you back, neck and shoulders. Can you work at a work surface that’s a little higher? Don’t get stuck in one position for too long, vary the jobs.

4)      The big Bird, ovens with fold down doors mean you are reaching in to lift. So if the door will take the weight slide the try out and then lift, if not maybe a well heat protected stool can be used to slide out onto.
Weight of Bird+stuffing+potatoes+try=Heavy.

5)      After Dinner there’s the washing up.  Again at the sink remember your posture and try to get the family involved. Maybe a bribe like, no presents until the cleaning up is all done.
If you have a dishwasher then loading and unloading is important, especially those heavy pans and dishes. Check the video on dishwasher stacking.
Loading and unloading the dishwasher.

                     Presents, games and TV.

6)      Sitting for a long time in a poor position, puts strain on the discs, which can lead to lower back pain. If you’ve had a drink or three, avoid back pain by shifting position regularly as alcohol is a muscle relaxant you will find yourself setting. Even better why not go for a family walk to work off some of that excess?
Board games try and play at a table rather than on the floor. Don’t forget your posture.
If you are a console games player or Wii, then take turns and get a rest from the controls to get a break from the repetitive thumb, hand and arm movements.

So above all have a fun time and don’t let Christmas be a pain.