Hip to have!

One of our customers has just had a Hip Op. She went 18 months sleeping on a Pearl Essence with much reduced pain. Before the Pearl Essence she would be at the chiropractor every month for therapy or acupuncture to relieve the pain. But having the Pearl Essence meant being able to adjust the mattress as and when needed to relieve pain.

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While in Hospital having the Hip Op, she had an adjustable bed which was great but the mattress was a memory foam one and far too firm. So this just goes to show it’s not just the bed that has to adjust in fact the mattress is the prime thing. She tells me that a few pillows in the right place on an adjustable mattress are far more important than an adjustable bed with the wrong mattress.


Now back home in her own bed she has found she can adjust the mattress Up to a much firmer setting than before and is getting full nights sleep. She said it was the best investment they have ever made and no other mattress would have done what she has done. She has had the mattress medium down to soft and now medium to firm and all the time her husband has had the same setting. Dual adjustable is the only way to go as you never know what is around the corner.


So it’s Hip to have a dual adjustable mattress.