Massage away those aches

In an earlier blog we talked about “Hip to have” and how an adjustable mattress has eased the pain of a damaged hip and now is aiding recovery after the operation. Just to go one step further and speed up recovery we have installed between the adjustable Air chamber and the foam layer a Night Magic therapy massage kit. This has helped increase blood flow and speed up the bodies repair process. The massage kit is also good at relieving the day’s aches and pains as well as helping to de-stress. This all adds up to much better nights sleep.

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These can be placed under the mattress on any solid base but we recommend they go inside the mattress or under a topper to get a better massage.


Let’s hope Santa treated himself to one of these to ease all the aches and pains after his busy delivery schedule. Now the Christmas shopping is over the Sales are about to start and we’ll all be tempted to spend and bundle in the shops and then haul the bags around the shops and back to the car. So please remember our tips on carrying the shopping, distribute the weight evenly each side and keep your back straight, bend your knees not your back when picking up.


Keep an eye on our Blogs because rumour has it these Night Massage Therapy kits are going to be free with every dual adjustable mattress purchased in January 2014 from Pear Mattress Ltd.