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What is an Air Mattress?

What is an Air Mattress?

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So if I say would you sleep on an Air Mattress, what is the first thing that comes to mind?



And I’m sure you wouldn’t dream of spending every night on one of these with your partner. To be honest me neither.

But my wife and I have been sleeping on an Air Mattress for the last 18 months. My wife has benefited from the relief it has given to her osteoarthritis in her hip, my back has never been better, we don’t suffer from roll together and the mattress is always at the right temperature due to its breathable top surface.

What sort of mattress is this? Innerspring, pocket spring or foam?


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Sleep like the dead!

There is only one company doing a proper Air Mattress in Europe there’s no one to ask just how good they are except myself and the few who have been brave enough to buy.

Now Sleep like the dead have done an independent report to show what the best mattress is for bad backs that include a report for Air Mattresses.
Not only do they support you better than other types of mattress, there is less cross movement so you don’t disturb your partner when you move or get in and out of bed. They come in a box to make installing and moving them much easier. They don’t need turning. They are component mattresses so you only need to change a faulty part if anything should fail. If you spill a cup of coffee on the cover you can remove the cover and clean it or worse case change it.

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Mattress Types & Pain Relief / Prevention
The graph below shows the pain-relieving ability of the different mattress types based on owner experience data. The types that are better at reducing pain (including back, hip and shoulder pain) are more supportive, less likely to sag and more likely to have good conformability. Keep in mind that the chart represents what is often but not always the case; a particular brand, model or individual mattress may go against these findings.

Pain and Mattress Types







Airbeds tend to be effective in preventing or reducing pain, especially back pain. Sagging and loss of support is usually less of a problem with airbeds compared to most other bed types. The air chambers inside the airbed can provide good conformability as well as allow for adjustable firmness to suit personal preference.








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