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Hip to have!

One of our customers has just had a Hip Op. She went 18 months sleeping on a Pearl Essence with much reduced pain. Before the Pearl Essence she would be at the chiropractor every month for therapy or acupuncture to relieve the pain. But having the Pearl Essence meant being able to adjust the mattress as and when needed to relieve pain.

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While in Hospital having the Hip Op, she had an adjustable bed which was great but the mattress was a memory foam one and far too firm. So this just goes to show it’s not just the bed that has to adjust in fact the mattress is the prime thing. She tells me that a few pillows in the right place on an adjustable mattress are far more important than an adjustable bed with the wrong mattress.


Now back home in her own bed she has found she can adjust the mattress Up to a much firmer setting than before and is getting full nights sleep. She said it was the best investment they have ever made and no other mattress would have done what she has done. She has had the mattress medium down to soft and now medium to firm and all the time her husband has had the same setting. Dual adjustable is the only way to go as you never know what is around the corner.


So it’s Hip to have a dual adjustable mattress.

An Adjustable mattress is more practical …..

Adjustable mattresses have been around in the USA for close on 40 years and there’s been plenty of research and development over that time. Pearl Mattress have made them available to Europe. Now is a good time to think about looking at an adjustable mattress. With everyone living that much longer and much busier lifestyles. Why suffer for longer? The back strains and aches of a busy life can be repaired by getting a good nights sleep, it’s amazing how your body can recover if only you give it a chance.

A larger bed is always better as you’re not so likely to disturb each other in the night plus you then get an option to have individual chambers and personalise your sleep surface. Over the 5-10 year life of a mattress our bodies change, like the mattress we suffer wear and tear. This will mean there’s a good chance that buying the same mattress as last time may not be suitable for you and your partner today. With an adjustable lasting 20 years plus you will have no problem because you adjust to suit each sleeper separately.

There’s a mattress for all, with and without foam, with and without pillow top sleep surface. But the best mattress is our new Pearl Mattress Air-Cell – Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Air System.

As we started this article with “An adjustable is more practical,,,,,,,,,, This came from an article written in Mattresszine.comin 2011.



Sleep like the dead!

There is only one company doing a proper Air Mattress in Europe there’s no one to ask just how good they are except myself and the few who have been brave enough to buy.

Now Sleep like the dead have done an independent report to show what the best mattress is for bad backs that include a report for Air Mattresses.
Not only do they support you better than other types of mattress, there is less cross movement so you don’t disturb your partner when you move or get in and out of bed. They come in a box to make installing and moving them much easier. They don’t need turning. They are component mattresses so you only need to change a faulty part if anything should fail. If you spill a cup of coffee on the cover you can remove the cover and clean it or worse case change it.

Check out Sleep like the dead

Mattress Types & Pain Relief / Prevention
The graph below shows the pain-relieving ability of the different mattress types based on owner experience data. The types that are better at reducing pain (including back, hip and shoulder pain) are more supportive, less likely to sag and more likely to have good conformability. Keep in mind that the chart represents what is often but not always the case; a particular brand, model or individual mattress may go against these findings.

Pain and Mattress Types







Airbeds tend to be effective in preventing or reducing pain, especially back pain. Sagging and loss of support is usually less of a problem with airbeds compared to most other bed types. The air chambers inside the airbed can provide good conformability as well as allow for adjustable firmness to suit personal preference.








More about Air Mattress at Pearl


Spinal Health and Spine Disorders

When you take into account that the human body has an amazing ability to repair it’s self, it is unbelievable that so many people around the world are suffering so much pain.


Current estimates of people affected worldwide (Lancet 15 December 2012)

Back pain 632.045 million

Neck pain 332.049 million

OA knee 250.785 million

Other musculoskeletal conditions 560.978 million


For the human body to repair it’s self of the above ailments we need to align our bodies or we will end up all out of shape. It’s a little like when we break a bone, we have to reset the bone with the aid of a plaster cast to align the bone. So the only way to repair our backs and necks is to align them on a mattress giving the correct support where it is needed. As no two bodies are the same male or female we all need our own unique mattress. To have a custom made mattress would be beyond the reach of most of us. Now there is a mattress available to each and everyone at an affordable price and this mattress can be shared with a partner who will most differently be another unique body shape.

This mattress is the only mattress where you and your partner are in control. You adjust the mattress to suit our needs from night to night or if each night you need the same sleep surface just hit the memory button and go to the same firmness as last night. There are other mattresses out there and very well known ones that will give you and your partner a different sleep surface just because you are of a different weight and temperature. But you are not in total control, the temperature outside the bed will make a big difference to the sleep surface and if you need to move in the night you’ll find it difficult getting out of the hole your body has made in the mattress.

As I said above, with a broken bone we need a splint or plaster cast to reset a bone straight. A mattress can do the same if adjusted correctly. I speak from personal experience here. I once damaged my back muscles and ended up with a concave back (as apposed to arched) and spent my first night on a memory foam mattress. This according to all the adds should have been the perfect solution but was far from it. I couldn’t get the support I needed in my middle back as the mattress wouldn’t give enough to allow my shoulders and hips to sink in. Instead my back was being forced to straighten, resulting in great pain. The next night I was on an adjustable mattress and was able to soften the mattress enough to take the shape of my back giving even support. This took away all the pain allowing a good nights sleep and allowing my body to self repair. Two nights and I was back to normal.

So with an adjustable mattress a very high percentage of 632,045,000 people worldwide could enjoy their bodies self repairing at night.


For Europe’s only supplier of truly adjustable mattresses.

Orthopedic and Luxury Mattress


Statistics above are from. http://www.worldspineday.org/resources/spinal-health-and-spine-disorders/


Would you buy a mattress online?

If you are someone who is worried about buying online and an important item like a mattress should according to all the advise given by the forums you read, be bought after a good 20 minutes of trying it in the shop.
But then you read that you should give a mattress 4-6 weeks to get the feel of it, don’t give up after a couple of bad nights as your body will take time to adjust to the new mattress after your old worn out one. So is 20 minutes in a shop a true measure, I think not.
We are advised always go for the biggest mattress your bedroom can take as we don’t want to be disturbed by our partner rolling into us or lashing out in their sleep. So if you have room for a super King size, think about how you will get it into the bedroom. Will it fit up the stairs, around the corner and through the door without folding it in half? Plus a super king size is a very heavy mattress and will need a couple of very strong guys to move it. While on the subject of heavy, if it needs turning will you get a couple of strong guys in every time?

So why not look at this option that covers all the above.
Digital adjustable mattress, your side your choice. It will never be too firm or too soft.
A super king size mattress comes in two boxes. So no problem getting in to the bedroom and it’s not heavy.
Because it’s adjustable and does not have springs to wear and set in position, no need to turn the mattress.
On top of all that, the mattress comes with a 20 year warranty.

Now the hard part, the budget. First take into account the 20 year warranty so spread the cost over 20 years not 10 years or 5 years for the cheaper mattresses. Second there is your choice of finish. Plain top, Pillow top, Box top, super soft luxury top or organic natural cover.

For a safe online mattress purchase. Orthopedic and Luxury Mattresses