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An Adjustable mattress is more practical …..

Adjustable mattresses have been around in the USA for close on 40 years and there’s been plenty of research and development over that time. Pearl Mattress have made them available to Europe. Now is a good time to think about looking at an adjustable mattress. With everyone living that much longer and much busier lifestyles. Why suffer for longer? The back strains and aches of a busy life can be repaired by getting a good nights sleep, it’s amazing how your body can recover if only you give it a chance.

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A larger bed is always better as you’re not so likely to disturb each other in the night plus you then get an option to have individual chambers and personalise your sleep surface. Over the 5-10 year life of a mattress our bodies change, like the mattress we suffer wear and tear. This will mean there’s a good chance that buying the same mattress as last time may not be suitable for you and your partner today. With an adjustable lasting 20 years plus you will have no problem because you adjust to suit each sleeper separately.

There’s a mattress for all, with and without foam, with and without pillow top sleep surface. But the best mattress is our new Pearl Mattress Air-Cell – Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Air System.

As we started this article with “An adjustable is more practical,,,,,,,,,, This came from an article written in Mattresszine.comin 2011.