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It takes two to Valentine

Valentine harts

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Valentines day is fast coming up and it takes two to make the perfect day. When you bought your mattress, she said the soft one was the best, you said the firm one was the best and so you settled on a medium soft mattress. Ever since then, she wakes with a numb arm and your back is so bad you have a job to get out of bed. This has caused a little stress in the bedroom department and in your life in general, she says “this is just not working for me”.

Couple in bed

With Valentines Day coming up, you think this has to end and it’s time to get some romance back in your lives.





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Research is what’s needed here. We need a mattress that gives us both a good nights sleep, a mattress to relieve her pressure points plus the best mattress for a bad back, one that has a good warranty, we need a King size mattress but getting it into our bedroom is not going to be easy, she found our foam mattress too warm so a mattress that breaths and it has to be good for our sex life.

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