What is an Air Mattress?

What is an Air Mattress?


So if I say would you sleep on an Air Mattress, what is the first thing that comes to mind?



And I’m sure you wouldn’t dream of spending every night on one of these with your partner. To be honest me neither.

But my wife and I have been sleeping on an Air Mattress for the last 18 months. My wife has benefited from the relief it has given to her osteoarthritis in her hip, my back has never been better, we don’t suffer from roll together and the mattress is always at the right temperature due to its breathable top surface.

What sort of mattress is this? Innerspring, pocket spring or foam?


Take a look at the inside.



 As you can see there’s no springs, so no metal to poke you in the back or wear out.
The black around the outside is microfiber support rails to keep the mattress in good shape. The top cover is cotton and bamboo, both natural and breathable. Next there is a layer of Natural Laytex foam, again a breathable material, this is wrapped in natural breathable wool. This all sits on a pair of I beam vulcanized Air chamber. More details click here. So with the two Air chambers it is possible to adjust the firmness each side to suit the person sleeping on it, never too soft or too firm. With the strength of these chambers and the self lock air system you wont find the mattress going flat in the night. How strong are these chambers? Well if they will support a truck without going flat I’m sure they are strong enough for any of the readers.


Strong enough?


So not all Air Mattresses are the same, some are even made from natural renewable materials. How GREEN is your mattress?




Other advantages to this type of mattress.

  1. Adjustable each side.
  2. Reduced back pain.
  3. Lighter and easier to move.
  4. Good motion Isolation.
  5. Much greater longevity.
  6. Component mattress means you need to change parts not the whole mattress.

Why not treat yourself to the right mattress for you and your partner? You ARE worth it, after all you do spend the best part of 1/3 of your life in bed and that’s the time your body is renewing it’s self. Give your body all the help it needs and get your life back on track.

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More details are available about these mattresses HERE